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ایران سرور

ایران سرور

is an Iranian company founded in 2011 by *Ehsan Abedini, *Mehran Azizi and Maysam Rezaei. The head office of this company is in Zanjan, Iran and is registered in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry under number 9339.

Rashan Sazbana is a diversified company focusing on construction, content production and innovation and new businesses. The construction department of this company specializes in the design and construction of residential, commercial and industrial buildings. The content production department of this company produces a variety of content including videos, articles and books. The innovation department of this company is focused on the development of new technologies, including the Smogchill smoke purification system and the production of water from air and the purification of any water called IRAQUA, and is currently developing and registering several patents and startups.

Rasen Sazbana is a team of experienced professionals with a successful history. The company has a strong commitment to innovation and sustainability.

From Blueprint to Action: Launching and Managing Project Implementation

Project management is a delicate dance between planning and execution. While a meticulously designed plan provides the roadmap, the launch and management of project implementation breathe life into that plan. This article explores this crucial phase, emphasizing the impact of social and personal relations between the project manager and the team.

Bridging the Gap: From Plan to Action

The project launch signifies the transition from the theoretical to the practical. This stage involves:

  • Kick-off meeting: A well-structured kick-off meeting sets the tone for the project. The project manager clearly communicates the project goals, timelines, deliverables, and roles and responsibilities of each team member.
  • Detailed task breakdowns: Large tasks are divided into smaller, more manageable ones, ensuring clarity and facilitating progress tracking.
  • Resource allocation: The project manager assigns resources (personnel, equipment, budget) effectively, considering their capabilities and workload.

The Importance of Systems and Defined Processes

A well-defined system lays the foundation for efficient implementation. This includes:

  • Project management tools: Utilizing project management software allows for task tracking, communication, and collaboration, promoting transparency and accountability.
  • Communication protocols: Establishing clear communication channels ensures timely updates and avoids information silos. This could involve regular progress reports, team meetings, and designated communication platforms.
  • Change management plan: Projects rarely unfold exactly as planned. A change management plan outlines the process for handling deviations, ensuring smooth adaptations and minimal disruption.

The Human Factor: Social and Personal Relations

A project manager’s success hinges not just on technical skills but also on their ability to foster positive social and personal relations with the team. Here’s how:

  • Leadership: An effective project manager inspires and motivates the team. They create a positive and supportive environment where team members feel valued and empowered.
  • Communication and trust: Open, two-way communication builds trust. Active listening and addressing concerns demonstrate a genuine interest in the team’s well-being.
  • Delegation and empowerment: Micromanagement stifles creativity and initiative. Delegating tasks appropriately and trusting team members to deliver fosters ownership and engagement.
  • Recognition and appreciation: Acknowledging individual and team contributions keeps morale high and promotes a culture of excellence.

The Impact of Social Relations:

Strong social relations between the project manager and team lead to several benefits:

  • Improved collaboration: A positive team environment fosters collaboration and knowledge sharing, crucial for tackling complex challenges.
  • Enhanced problem-solving: Open communication facilitates collective brainstorming and creative problem-solving when roadblocks arise.
  • Increased productivity: Motivated and engaged teams are more productive and deliver higher-quality work.
  • Reduced conflict: Strong relationships allow for constructive conflict resolution, minimizing negativity and delays.


Project management is about more than just following a plan. Launching and managing project implementation effectively requires meticulous attention to systems, clear communication, and nurturing positive social and personal relations within the team. By fostering a collaborative and supportive environment, project managers can unlock the full potential of their teams and ensure the successful transition from blueprint to action.

Innovation and stabilization of start-ups

ٍEhsan Abedini

Founder and CEO

Civil engineer, inventor and innovator, with 30 years of executive and technical experience

Meisam Rezaei

Founder and expert

PhD in water and soil, graduated from Ghent University, Belgium, inventor and innovator. +989126209310

Mehran Azizi

Founder and innovator

Founder and innovator and civil engineer and business implementation and specialist in +989197506495-workshop works

Naser Abedini

Innovator and founder

Founder and innovator and electrical engineer and business implementation and specialist in workshop works-+989354434054

Kambiz Nikkar

software expert

Software expert and founder

Associates and sponsoring companies

Support organizations for startups and growth and developer centers, investors
Soil and Water Research Institute

Soil and Water Research Institute

Government institution

The company is approved by RSB and the company is located in the center of this institute.

Knowledge-based economy development headquarters

Knowledge-based economy development headquarters

Water, climate and environment of the presidency

The projects of RSB company have been reviewed in this headquarters, and they are being implemented and defined in the headquarters workshops.



Rashan Sazeh Bana R.S.B has already been accepted in FasterCapital’s LanchUP program

FasterCapital is the #1 online incubator/accelerator that operates on a global level. We have helped more than 500 startups raise more than $1.8B, we have invested over $530M in 212 startups and we have a big worldwide network of mentors, representatives, and partners.



International Federation of Inventors' Associations


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For ocean-passionate people to collaborate, learn and take action to resolve ocean challenges and create positive impact on our blue planet.

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Company projects


Sun city

In this, by transferring sea water to the desert and building water factories, providing solar electricity, using laser devices instead of gas, and using electric transportation, he created the village and cities of Sun City, Read more…

Cold filter

SMOGCHILL is a cold filter device designed to remove pollutants from the emissions of factories and power plants. The device uses a combination of advanced technologies to capture and convert harmful pollutants into a valuable Read more…

water factory

Our Innovative Water Solution: IR.AQUA The Problem: Water scarcity is a pressing global issue impacting millions. Traditional methods like groundwater extraction are unsustainable, and current desalination technologies are expensive and energy-intensive. Our Idea: IR.AQUA is Read more…

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